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When it came to the candles for my shop, I searched far and wide and finally came across Kunstindustrien in Denmark who were exactly what I was looking for.  They make their candles using the ‘hand-dipped’ method.  This is an artisanal craft where each candle is made by repeatedly dipping a wick into melted wax. The size differences come from how many times the wick is dipped and how long it’s left to cool between dips. This handcrafted process means that no two candles are exactly the same, giving each one a unique size and character.  It also means they are the same colour right through rather than many candles on the market today which are white with a coloured outer shell.  Made from 100% high-grade paraffin from the best available sources in the EU.

These candles are perfect for dinner parties, Christmas or simply just on your mantlepiece in a pretty candleholder where they will fill your room with a lovely warm glow