Country Home Style: Living Room

So here it is.. my third instalment in our Home Tour!!  I’ve already given you our Downstairs Toilet (here) and our Dining Room (here) and now its the turn of our Living Room…

Like a number of the rooms in our home, after our ten years of living here it was due a makeover and last Summer we eventually undertook to do this.  I had a couple of must haves for our second time around – firstly I wanted a carpet on the floor and secondly, I wanted to get rid of the mexican pine furniture which had come with us from our first home and I was just tired of looking at!

We have underfloor heating throughout the house and while I would have loved carpets in many of the rooms, were advised against this when we were first decorating as they are not very good at conducting heat. As we were afraid of the house being cold, opted for wooden floors throughout these rooms.  For those of you who are not familiar with this type of heating system – we basically have no radiators in our home.  All heat is generated through our floors so they in effect act as our radiators.  While this is an advantage in that we don’t have a problem with positioning of furniture or curtains while trying to avoid blocking a radiator, there is the small disadvantage that whatever flooring you choose, must be suitable for underfloor heating.  For instance, we could not use reclaimed parquet flooring in our house as it would just warp and lift due to the heat which would be generated beneath it.  Such a pity as I would have loved parquet and the period feel it would give and which we are always trying to achieve!!

When it came to re-decorating this room we decided to throw caution to the wind and at the risk of having a cold room, went along to our local Carpet Showroom to pick a carpet.  I cannot tell you how happy we were when we discovered that you can now buy underlay which is designed to work with underfloor heating so problem solved!!  Our children are getting that bit older (our youngest is 12) so thankfully we are past the stage of soggy biscuits being wiped into the carpet (well I hope so anyway!!) and for this reason I decided the time was right to go all out and buy a cream one.  I am so happy with what we have chosen.  It does have a built in stain resistance so in the event that we spilled some wine on it (as opposed to a baby’s bottle) then it should be easily cleaned off – well that’s the theory anyway but I’m not going to do a tester on it to see if it works.

I have used a beautiful wallpaper from Laura Ashley called Pussy Willow in colour, Grape (here) which really was the starting point for the new colour scheme.  The paint on the walls is called ‘Goya’ and is from Colourtrend .  As with our Dining Room, we bought our curtains through Dunne & Nugent in Mullingar.

Floral Cushion on sofa from Red Earth (

We had a leather sofa in the Living Room since first decorated and also another from Laura Ashley (here).  Unfortunately, the leather one was just too big and we replaced it with a couple of occasional armchairs instead.  We found 2 Queen Anne Chairs in our local antique shop and after sourcing fabric for them on-line, sent them to an upholsterer to be recovered.  He did a terrific job on these and they look like new.  I also needed a new coffee table/footstool.  I had seen various types on Pinterest so knew what I wanted it to look like.  It had to be quite large and upholstered, again in the same fabric as the chairs.  I gave some images along with the sizing to the upholsterer and he made this for us.  I had come across some of these footstools both on-line and on the Laura Ashley catalogue which were beautiful but mine cost about a third of the price!  I would say to anyone considering getting a footstool similar to mine, to check around with a furniture maker/upholsterer local to you to see if they could offer the same service.

Cushion on Chair from Laura Ashley (Nigella in Grape)

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m not very good when it comes to accessorising or maybe its just that I don’t like too much stuff!!  We have added a few pieces  since decorating to this room and it is loosely based on a Highland Theme.  The pictures on the walls all came from Ebay and as what has happened so many times before when I’ve been decorating, they were moved from a wall elsewhere in the house to this room as I felt they suited the scheme.

Leaping Rabbit Ornament from Laura Ashley and Globe from TK Maxx
Painting of Feargal given as a gift by an Artist Friend of ours
Print purchased on Ebay

Candlestick from Homebase and Artificial Plant from Red Earth

My most recent addition however, has been my Bar Cart.  I visited the Red Earth Store in Mullingar a while back and picked this up during a sale they were having.  Its called ‘Tina’ and is from their Mindy Brownes range.  You can buy this online here.  I had intended to use it as an occasional table but when I got it home thought it suited better as a Bar Cart.  Its not huge but holds just enough for me.  I have a few more pieces to add to this – still looking for an ice bucket with a gold trim/motif but I’ll source this eventually I’m sure!!

Cocktail Shaker and Glasses available from Marks & Spencer. Gold rimmed glasses are from Sostrene Grene and Pineapple Ornament was bought in Guineys, Mullingar

The TV Unit came from another local antique shop.  I was told by the man in the shop that it started life as a wardrobe (the bottom drawer portion) and then the bookcase top was added later.  As soon as I saw it, I knew it would be perfect.  I did plan on painting it to match the room but Feargal was adamant that it was staying as it was.  Unfortunately, I had to give in on this occasion….

Vintage Up-cycled TV Unit

I am so pleased with how this room has turned out.  It is so cosy, which I think is mainly down to the carpet but the overall scheme I find is very restful.  Purple is not a colour you see too often but I have to say, I just love it.

Please feel free to ask about anything you see in the room, which I maybe haven’t mentioned.  Sometimes, I find that someone else might spot something in the room that I, living with it everyday might not.

Until next time…

Bernie xx

6 thoughts on “Country Home Style: Living Room”

  1. What a stunning room Bernie ,lovely to hear all about how you achieved the look it’s gorgeous !! Love the footstool and a great idea to source a local upholsterer !!! Sarah xxx

    1. Hi Sarah,
      Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment. So Glad you like our finished room and yes, it just goes to show that you can achieve a look without the huge expense of buying ready-made
      Bernie xx

  2. Hi Bernie, love this room and so glad you’ve finally got your wish with the carpet, it looks perfect. Do you happen to know where that gorgeous flowered cushion on the sofa came from or is it one you’ve had for a long time? So pretty. Linda xx

  3. Hi Linda. Thanks so much – i just love my carpet!! I bought the cushion in a shop called Red Earth in Mullingar. I picked it up in store. I’ve had a look at their website and while they do have some items which can be bought on-line, I can’t find this cushion on their site. Sorry about that, Bernie xx

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