Country Home Style: Downstairs Toilet

As an absolute novice at this whole blogging thing, I thought it best to do my first ‘Home Tour’ using the smallest room in the house as a guinea pig! I’m not sure if this was the best decision, as trying to get decent photos has been a bit of a chore but I think you’ll get a feeling of the space from what I have captured.

I call my style ‘Modern Country’.  This to me means a mix of colour (lots of it but nothing dark), antique furniture with some more modern pieces (but nothing ornate), painted woodwork, fabrics which are floral, striped or check and simple accessories.  I would love to be someone who does lots of up-cycling but alas that will never be me.  However, I’m not averse to doing the odd bit of furniture painting!!!  I do struggle with accessorising and you will see that I don’t have many decorative objects around the house – I am working on this as I feel I am a bit too cautious when out shopping for finishing touches as I don’t like to spend money on something only to take it home and it not suit where I had thought of putting it.  Most important of all is that I want to create a sense of home – cosy in Winter and fresh and bright in Summer.  Ours is not a show home – its a place where we want visitors to feel relaxed and to enjoy spending time with our family.  A place where you can kick off your shoes and put your feet up….

The Downstairs Toilet as it was

The tiles have been here since day one and as we love them and didn’t want to change, then this was the basis for the new decor in this room.

The panelling has been here since it was first decorated.  This was picked up in a local Hardware Shop and our joiner put it up for us when he was fitting out all of the internal woodwork of the house.  I painted it myself in Colourtrend ‘French White.  All of our woodwork throughout the house has been painted in this colour (except rooms which we haven’t redecorated yet but they’ll get their chance).  Its a lovely soft white and I think suits our home perfectly.


I knew I wanted to wallpaper the walls this time.  Its such a small area that I felt it needed just a bit of interest.  I had a chinoiserie print in mind.  After trawling through a number of wallpaper sample books from the local decor store I just couldn’t find what I had pictured in my head.  I then went to my trusted and dog-eared Laura Ashley catalogue and fell for their Summer Palace wallpaper in Eau de Nil.  Luckily, the day I visited my local store in Blanchardstown in Dublin, they were having a half price sale on wallpaper so got my 3 rolls for less than €30 each. Laura Ashley has been a store I have visited many many times since we built our home.  It just is me to a ‘T’.  They have regular sales so I would recommend you keep an eye on-line for these as they really do offer terrific value.

My sister is a braver woman than me and agreed to do the wallpapering!  I was happy to act as her ‘go for’ (I’m well used to this role anyway as whenever we are doing anything in the garden, I’m usually employed as Feargal’s go-for)  It took us a few hours and let me tell you, trying to squeeze two women and a step ladder into a small 7ft x 6ft room is no easy task!!!


Even with my aversion to accessorising, I am happy with the few little bits and pieces used to finish off this room.  The pictures on the walls came from Ebay and also the antique market we visited when in Ludlow in Shropshire on our last holiday.  I bought some lovely green towels in Dunnes Stores and also some white ones in TK Maxx.  I always prefer white towels over coloured but felt that plain white might get lost against the panelling in this room.






I have had this gold mirror for years and think I bought it in an antique shop.  I moved it from our hallway upstairs to here as I felt the gold frame matched better than the green one I had here previously.  Incidentally, the mirror I had in this bathroom was a match for the table I have in the upstairs hall so that set has now been reunited!!


I won’t be putting any window treatment on in here.  I absolutely love our windows and the decorative moulding fitted around them.  This is not so visible in the rooms where we have curtains so its nice to be able to see it in all its glory!

I really hope you like this and that maybe you might pick up some little idea for a project you are thinking of for your own home

Bernie x



5 thoughts on “Country Home Style: Downstairs Toilet”

  1. It looks beautiful Bernie. I love your wallpaper and your sister has made a fantastic job of hanging it, I would be afraid to cut it!! 💕

  2. It turned out so gorgeous Bernie and really suits the decor in the rest of your home ,beautiful !!!! I love Laura Ashley ,quality is excellent I find , always wait for the sales too !!! 🙂X Sarah

    1. Thanks so much for your welcome compliment Sarah. I’m a huge fan of Laura Ashley and sometimes have to make myself look at other stores so the house doesn’t end up looking like a Laura Ashley showroom!!! The sales are the best, aren’t they? Thanks so much for dropping by..
      Bernie xx

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