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The Ten-Minute Gardener’s Diary (Fruit)


Fresh Fruit is so expensive to buy these days so growing your own saves you money.  Not only that, it tastes better too and because you’ve grown it yourself you can control how you feed it and if needs be, control pests and disease.  In my experience, most fruit requires nothing more than healthy soil and sunlight and I never rarely buy any type of chemical treatments unless it was something which was absolutely necessary and in those cases, I’d try to go organic if at all possible

I love these little books – they are like fruit growing for dummies which suits me perfectly! They break the gardening year down into months and are so easy to follow.  They would also make a great gift for someone you know who loves their garden!


NOTE:  These books are second-hand but are in excellent condition – why pay full price for a new one when you can save yourself some money (for seeds!).

Throughout my website I will be stocking vintage and used items in an effort to keep costs down and also as a way of being a little bit more eco-friendly


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This item: The Ten-Minute Gardener's Diary (Fruit)

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