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Traditional Christmas Pudding Recipe

The one word which you hear over and over again this time of year is 'Tradition' and no where is this more used than in the food we put on the table and in this case I'm referring to the good old Christmas Pudding. So many of us use recipes which have been handed down… Continue reading Traditional Christmas Pudding Recipe


The Best Chocolate Orange Brownies EVER !!

I've been looking back at the recipes which I have published here over the past few months and noticed that they mostly involve chocolate, lemon or orange.  While this wasn't intentional, I guess it shows that these are perhaps the flavours we tend to prefer here at our house!  I promise to vary my bakes… Continue reading The Best Chocolate Orange Brownies EVER !!


‘Windfall’ Apple Tart

I never wake up and think, "I would love an Apple Tart today"... However, I admit that every time I bake one and have a slice served warm with either whipped cream or rich vanilla ice-cream I wonder why I don't make them more often! This time of year, when we have so many apples… Continue reading ‘Windfall’ Apple Tart